Stellarossa – Stocklands (Aitkenvale)

Firstly, thanks for all the likes for our previous posts! We really appreciate the feedback for our new blog and look forward to blogging more and hearing from you 🙂

We happened to be in Stocklands doing some shopping when I pointed out to hubby that Stellarossa – Stockland has the Pizza+Drink deal for $10 (which seems to be exclusive to the Stockland branch). I needed a coffee AND I would’ve loved some pizza! We had tried to pizza at Stellarossa – Fairfield multiple times (and absolutely LOVED their pizza and coffee!! – shall post about them later when we’ve been there again with pics :D) but had never tried the Stockland store food or coffee.

The first thing we should’ve done is read the fine print. Drink was not any drink or even coffee, it was ONLY BOTTLED WATER. So our meals combined were more than $20, but that’s still a pretty good deal for gourmet pizza, right (would’ve been nice if it was advertised in big letters “Pizza + bottled water deal” though…)?

So before I go on, here’s a brief summary of the cafe 🙂 :

It’s a cafe in the middle of one of Townsville’s largest shopping centres, so there’s not really much they can do when it comes to ambience. That said, it has proper partitions separating the cafe from the shopping centre, which does make you feel like you’re in a proper cafe rather than a cheap-o kiosk.

The tables are well-enough spaced out and the cafe front very shiny and new with a range of desserts and fresh food that you can choose out of the cabinet.

As with Stellarossa – Fairfield, the vibe is family-friendly and casual. The staff, as with Stellarossa – Fairfield are also super-friendly.

The cafe has quite a good flow of customers, but isn’t overly noisy – so it makes for a great place to have a coffee and book or to meet up with friends for lunch and/or coffee.

The location itself is GREAT. It’s right outside of Woolworths and close enough to the car park entrance. So if you had just done your day’s or week’s groceries and were after a nice meal, this place is great. Also because it’s so direct to get to, it means it’s an easy landmark to find!

After my initial sadness that coffee was not included in the deal, I ordered a coffee anyway, knowing that the Stellarossa beans tend to be pretty great.


Regular Soy Cappuccino (cap = $3.50 + $0.50 for soy – total $4)

The good things about their coffee was that the temperature was perfect and soymilk foamed so that it was silky-smooth. There was also a generous amount of cocoa dusting which is always what I love if i decide to go for a cappuccino instead of a latte.

The negatives was that I had tried the coffee at their Fairfield branch just recently and this one was just…a bit too dilute. There wasn’t the robust depth of flavour that I know Stellarossa beans can have. Instead, it was a relatively pleasant cup with no bitterness, but also no slight darkness that I know it could have that would otherwise add complexity to the taste. An okay cup of coffee, but not that best I have tasted. In summary, mild was well-done, the espresso shot could’ve been done better.


Pollo Genovese(chicken breast, fresh tomato, red onion on basil pesto) – usually $10.90, $10 with bottled water on the lunch deal

The pizza came out warm and smelling amazing. They are definitely very generous with their fresh ingredients – the combination of ingredients and flavours going perfectly together. Instead of the normal tomato base, this base has basil pesto which is made wonderfully well.

And the chicken breast is as chicken breast SHOULD be – lean, tender and juicy.

As a good pizza should be, the ingredients also weren’t so overwhelming, but also wasn’t miserly.

Our main criticism (and this is purely personal preference) is that the base was quite bread-y and thick. We like ours thinner and slightly chewy and crisp. Because of the thickness of the base, it meant we felt quite bloated after our meal (so maybe sharing a pizza might be better next time).


Pollo Funoso with no cheese (chicken breast, bacon and mushrooms on a smokey BBQ sauce) – $10 with drink special, normally $10.90

As you can see, I was so hungry that I ate a piece forgetting to take a picture first. Reason is because I was starving as hubby had accidentally ordered my pizza with cheese (and I’m lactose-intolerant). What I give HIGH PRAISES FOR THIS STORE is that on my immediate reaction about the cheese on my pizza (and it WAS hubby’s fault for forgetting), the staff told me they’ll get me one without cheese JUST LIKE THAT. So yep, they immediately won my further patronage from this good deed 😀

I quite liked the combination of flavours here. Who can go wrong with chicken, mushroom, bacon and BBQ sauce? My favourite of this was BBQ sauce as it was truly smokey and tasty. As the other pizza, the chicken was cooked well. The mushrooms were fresh and well-cooked (as in not cooked so much it was a thin flat nothing, but not hardly any that there wasn’t any roast flavour to it). The bacon was a lot of pieces of…just fat. The meat that WAS there was nice, but for someone who hates eating plain fat, i spent a lot of time peeling the fat off my pizza.

The base was the same as the above pizza – bread-y and slightly thick. The outer crust was crispy, though. Overall quite a filling meal.

So overall, a good meal that is very satisfying. If you’re hungry, a whole pizza would do, but if not maybe share a pizza with a friend. And the coffee is okay but not the best – but actually better than a lot of the coffee places in Stocklands. And quite a good place for a catchup for food and/or coffee in a convenient location.

For our nutshells, I’ve decided to add service as one of them (I’ll edit my previous posts to add this as well).

So in a Nutshell:

Ambience: 3/5

Coffee: 3/5

Food: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Thanks again for read, and until next time! 🙂

Stellarossa – Aitkenvale
Shop K20, Stockland Centre, 310-330 Ross River Rd, Aitkenvale QLD 4814
Ph No: (07) 4779 2375

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A young, South-East Asian couple in Townsville who just love food and how it brings people people together and expresses love to others. How beautiful that food was created not only to re-energise, but to be enjoyed! We can (sometimes) obsess over: 1) Asian food 2) Coffee 3) Free stuff
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