Ming’s House – Char Kway Teow

This shows how much we like Ming’s House – the fact that we’ve come back a week later! A confession must be had – we actually had takeaway lunch from them recently as well! I got the Malaysian Mee Goreng because hubby’s looked so amazing last time we had it, and hubby got Char Kway Teow which was actually…SO DELICIOUS!

For those who don’t know, “Char Kway Teow” is a dish famous in Penang, Malaysia and literally translates to “fried flat rice cake strips” in Hokkien (a common Chinese dialect in Penang), the noodles being very similar to the more popularly known “Hor Fun” (which is cantonese for flat rice noodles). Many of us consider it the same noodles, just different dialects, although it seems if you want to be pedantic about it, Hor Fun becomes softer on cooking wheras Kway Teow retains it’s stiff texture.

If you go to Penang, you HAVE to try this famous dish. It’s typically fried in pork lard with bean sprouts, chives, egg, onions, chinese sausage (lap cheong) and prawn in a dark mixture of soy sauces and other seasonings. It is known as quite an unhealthy dish because of the high saturated fat content so definitely eating the authentic version should be at its minimum, but it must be tried at least once! Variations of ingredients I’ve seen have included fish tofu/fish cake and chicken pieces. In Penang, you may also occasionally see it served on a banana leaf.

So when we went to Ming’s House for lunch again (as I was once again really wanting Yum Cha), hubby had to have this Char Kway Teow again! (And I had to steal some again!).


Char Kway Teow ($12)

As previously said, it’s great that Ming’s does really decent lunch meals for only $12. This one is no exception and deserves it’s own post because it’s REALLY GOOD. I can’t say that it tastes the same as what I’ve tried in Penang before, but it does have a lot of the authentic tastes there and it’s a delight to eat.

Firstly, the hero of the dish is the noodles. They are so springy and tasty, and what I mentioned to one of the (seems to be) owners about this, he said that the noodles are HOUSEMADE (major respects their way).

Secondly,the dish seems to be less oily than the normal Char Kway Teow, although there still is a fair bit of oil to it. This dish includes bean sprouts, chives, egg, cut red chilli and prawns (which are quite small). The sauce is slightly, perfectly salty and has a lovely soy taste. The spice from the chilli was perfect to me, although hubby thought it was a bit too hot, especially when he accidentally munched through a few chilli slices.

Hubby immediately rated this dish a 5/5. We love this dish and for those who love their noodles, it’s a MUST TRY at Ming’s!

And just a SHOUTOUT FOR THEIR YUMCHA – we had it again and we think it’s getting BETTER!


Rolled stuffed beancurd ($4.50) top left, Braised Chicken Feet ($4.50), top right

Their rolled stuffed beancurd was far soupier this time (which was my criticism last time), and their Chicken feet was SPECTACULAR!!!! It wasn’t as salty this time and had a slightly herbal taste to it that made it far more complex than just black beans and chilli. When I mentioned it to one of the owner’s family also working there, she said that they sell out of the chicken feet quite frequently. So I’ve had a lot of chicken feet and I think this one is one of the best…which SAYS A LOT!!!

Their chicken feet was definitely a 5/5 for me this time! Maybe a different chef? Maybe they are getting better and better by the week? Let’s hope it’s the latter!


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A young, South-East Asian couple in Townsville who just love food and how it brings people people together and expresses love to others. How beautiful that food was created not only to re-energise, but to be enjoyed! We can (sometimes) obsess over: 1) Asian food 2) Coffee 3) Free stuff
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