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The Beet Bar

It’s hot for more than half the year in Townsville. And when you wake up sweating in the morning, the last thing you want is to pay for a hot meal. Or after going for a jog/workout in the morning, … Continue reading

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Hidden gems leave us in a conundrum. The fact that it’s something not well-known means shorter queues, quieter atmosphere and less stressed-out staff (except at lunch hour). But when the coffee is THIS good and the service THIS lovely in … Continue reading

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Pope Jams + Smashed Avo Recipe

Good afternoon! As you might have guessed by now, my posts tend to be expressions of our passions of certain food places and their dishes in Townsville. Today’s post is going to be the same but different. One of our … Continue reading

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Donna Bionda

As promised, here I am after an AMAZING lunch, keen to write a post in high praises of our meal! Today was only my second experience of Donna Bionda, one of the newest Italian Restaurants in town, situated in the … Continue reading

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Celsius Restaurant

Hello everyone, Multiple apologies for being so awful in writing any recent reviews. We still have been eating and commenting (to ourselves) a lot about foods in Townsville, Cairns and have even recently travelled to Japan for more food adventures … Continue reading

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