Hidden gems leave us in a conundrum. The fact that it’s something not well-known means shorter queues, quieter atmosphere and less stressed-out staff (except at lunch hour). But when the coffee is THIS good and the service THIS lovely in a town that forces us to generally buy beans from Cairns (shoutout to Blackbird Espresso!) or Port Douglas (Four Mile Roasters ftw!), you just want to (selflessly) share it with everyone!

This story is true of Kaffee. You know they mean great things when they ask you to like them on beanhunter rather than tripadvisor. And being forewarned that they’re coffee is strong – then asked if we wanted it full or half-strength? Full-strength come at me!!


Before I go on mindlessly about their attitude for good, strong coffee, a bit about the cafe itself:

Located in the recently established, $20mill Queensland Country Centre, Kaffee is the  only cafe in the open-plan health fund/bank/credit union building, its homely light-wooden tables and cool black chairs as equally spread throughout the centre. The first thing that hits you as you enter the centre is a feast of the coffee senses – the buzz of the grinder, aroma of dark-roast coffee and freshly toasted bread, and gentle clink of spoons to china amidst joyous conversation. The next thing that hits you is the demographic of 60-something year olds sitting around tables catching up over coffee and cake.

With its open plan and black and white themes, the vibe is relaxed and modern. The cafe (as you can tell from the name), is firstly about its coffee (with their own special blend and coffee-inspired sayings plastered tastefully everywhere), and secondly about good cafe food.

Lining up for coffee means staring at a full glass display of sandwiches, rolls, frittatas, gourmet salads, homemade cakes, slices, biscuits…and the list goes on. The menu itself – on cute wooden clipboards – has a small selection of breakfast and brunch options including the usual smashed avo and Eggs Benedict, as well as a few fancy burgers and sandwiches.

The staff are friendly and quick to remember your face and order.

Given the spacious and low-key location, the cafe immediately lends itself for good, long catchups, deep-and-meaningful conversations or a good read over great coffee and homestyle, simple meals.

Hubs and I have been to Kaffee a few times and have tried their food along with the coffee. As we haven’t eaten there for while (mainly because of the price vs simplicity of the meals – we think we could get more value-for-money meals-I-couldn’t-just-whip-up-at-home elsewhere), I’ll just be reviewing their coffee today.

As usual, we were greeted by friendly staff who remembered our faces and that we like our coffees FULL-STRENGTH! Today we had a free coffee on our loyalty card (10th coffee free), and we were given our more expensive coffee FREE! Which was great, as going at $4.80/reg, their coffee is quite expensive compared to competition.

Our coffees came out in a timely fashion. The cup serving is our favourite mainly because of the cup and saucer its served in (and they actually sell the set too!). How can you get more tasteful than an artistically curved mug on a bamboo saucer?


Cup Flat White on Full Cream (left) – $4.80, Mug Cappuccino on Soy (right) – $5.80

The coffee’s temperatures were both just-right (hot but immediately drinkable). Hubs had his usual Flat White on Full Cream which was dark, mid-strength but not bitter. There’s a slight chocolatey taste to the Kaffee blend which makes it uniquely tasty. The milk is nicely micro foamed and creamy. The only thing the coffee really lacked was latte-art.

My own Soy Cappuccino had a generous dolloping of chocolate dusting over it to the point that it made a donut shape in my foam. For a soy, they stretched it well – creamy and smooth. The amount of foam on my cap was just right. The taste itself was more coffee than soy (just the way I like it). Not as strong or dark as coffees I’ve had (such as coffee dominion or Blackbird), but still smooth, full-bodied and very pleasant. Not all coffees couple well with soy, but this is one that does. Oh – and the mug-size is so huggable! Such a comforting drink over a nice chat or good read/short study session.

We only have two complaints. Firstly, their occasional inconsistency (I think Barista-dependent, and also seems more so when I get takeaway). I’ve had times where the coffee was too weak/dilute or the milk wasn’t foamed as well. For the number of times we’ve been there, this has been rare – but something to note.

Secondly, they DON’T OPEN ON WEEKENDS 😦 ! (This is more a testament to how much we like this place, rather than an actual complaint).

So if you’re looking for a place to chat over good coffee in an airy atmosphere, Kaffee’s the place for you!

In a Nutshell:

Ambience: 3.5/5

Coffee: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value for money: 2/5

Thanks again for reading! Until next time! 🙂

Queensland Country Centre, Suite 6/ 333 Ross River Road Aitkenvale QLD 4814
Ph No: 4728 3300
SMS order: 0457 083 126

About nthqldfoodies

A young, South-East Asian couple in Townsville who just love food and how it brings people people together and expresses love to others. How beautiful that food was created not only to re-energise, but to be enjoyed! We can (sometimes) obsess over: 1) Asian food 2) Coffee 3) Free stuff
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