The Beet Bar

It’s hot for more than half the year in Townsville. And when you wake up sweating in the morning, the last thing you want is to pay for a hot meal. Or after going for a jog/workout in the morning, you want something refreshing and light rather than boggy.

Those are the mornings (which as you can guess is many a morning) that The Beet Bar hits the spot just right.


Walking through those clear sliding glass doors of The Beet Bar makes you feel like you’re in a metropolitan city-style-trendy-cafe. Bar-height long wooden tables set against dark walls with striking wall paintings with food-motivational quotes. A glass display cabinet  is before you with a huge assortment of glutenfree/dairyfree/raw/vegan slices/cakes and take-away freshly prepped meals with healthy servings of vegetables, lean proteins and low GI carb. To the right is a glass fridge of multiple brands of Kombucha and Mr Bean Cold Brew Coffee, most of which from around the North Queensland area. And lets not forget the unmistakeable buzzing of multiple blenders churning out Acai bowls and fruit-based smoothies – the backbone of The Beet Bar menu.


Wow – I’m walking on a cloud just imagining the setting.

As you can guess,  I’ve been to The Beet Bar multiple times and tried various raw slices, bowls, drinks – and hubby always gets their curries. Today’s review will mainly encompass the main meals I’ve tried with random side-comments on their other amazing offerings

But first, a little (bit more) about the Bar:

The Beet Bar is all about fresh, organic whole foods and local produce. This is highlighted in their menu which is packed with Smoothie bowls (Acai or Dragon-fruit based), smoothies and fresh juices – and signs advertising the use of Mungulli Creek, Misty Mountain and house made (!!!!) almond milk, Mr Bean Cold Brew Coffee and Katey’s Kombucha.

The vibe of healthy and fresh is reflected by the majority of patrons dressed in active wear, whilst hip and trendy is emphasised by dark-grained bar-height tables, dark walls and large, clear windows.

Located on the popular Flinder’s Street Mall also means a regular traffic of young city workers eager for their Genovese Coffee and takeaway fresh meals.

Staff are young, energetic, friendly and evidently excited about the Bar’s ethos. They are ever happy to help with recommendations as most newbies stand there gawking at the extensive menu of smoothies/bowls.

The menu is every vegan/gluten-free/lactose-free person’s dream with every type of milk coupled with every type of fad drink (think green tea and turmeric lattes) available.

A great atmosphere for a quick bite with book/newspaper, or catchup with friends.


My first experience of Tumeric Latte was at The Beet Bar. For awhile I’d been curious about what this golden turmeric, ginger, what-ever-other-spice thing would taste. I ordered mine on Almond Milk and WOW – I had not expected something so perfectly balanced in its spice, sweetness and creaminess. Drinking this golden brew brings such a warm, comforting feeling and strangely, also made me feel like I was being super healthy! It also comes out in quite a timely fashion – the hot drinks do seem to come out faster than the smoothies and juices.


Tumeric Latte on Almond Milk – $4.50

Next is always the question of “what smoothie bowl do I want today?”. Acai or dragon-fruit base? Fruity? Chocolatey? Peanut-buttery? Maybe coffee? Oh my, the choices are endless. And then what fruits do I want to put on-top from the ever-changing seasonal options? Strawberry? Pear? Pawpaw? Pineapple? Kiwi?

Trust me, it’s evident I’m not in isolation when it comes to taking a few minutes staring at the menu.

My favourite is the Blueberry Dragonfruit Bowl – mainly because I love both blueberries and dragon fruit (I realise I just stated the obvious)!


Blueberry Dragonfruit Bowl with Pineapple and Raspberries – $13.50

The bowl that comes out is like a beautifully decorated tower of gluten-free granola, coconut and fruit atop a thick pink-purple mush of smoothie. The beauty of this tower depends very much on who makes it and what fruits you choose atop it to allow creativity.  The serving size itself is very generous and hearty for a mostly-fruit meal.

The crunchy granola of pepitas, linseed, buckwheat, raisins amongst other things is a perfect accompaniment for the thick mush of the smoothie. Crunchy with soft is made perfect with the toasty, aromatic coconut. Fresh chunks of fruit (usually different to the fruits in the smoothie) also add another texturally exciting element.

The smoothie itself is quite banana-based. If you aren’t into bananas, you won’t like any of these bowls as all of them have banana to allow for the thickness. That said, if you love bananas, these bowls are heaven. The addition of other fruits or other elements then add depth or freshness to the banana taste.

The texture is slightly thicker than a regular smoothie, allowing it to be easily spooned into the mouth. Depending on who makes it, you may occasionally get partially unblended chunks of frozen fruit in the smoothie too.


Blueberry Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl with Pear and Blueberries (too excited I put a spoon into it first) – $13.50

Overall, a fresh, light, healthy dish that includes thoughtful elements to add depth and texture to an otherwise simple meal.

At ~$13 a bowl, though…it is along the pricey side (when one could easily cut up, freeze and blend their own fruit and have it at home for a lot cheaper). That said, fresh fruit and quality ingredients are reasonably pricey. Unfortunately healthy food tends to be a bit more expensive.

A shout out to their hot takeaway meals which we haven’t tried in awhile, so shan’t review on today.

In a Nutshell:

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value for money: 3/5

The Beet Bar
358 Flinder’s St, Townsville
Ph. No. 07 4724 0918

About nthqldfoodies

A young, South-East Asian couple in Townsville who just love food and how it brings people people together and expresses love to others. How beautiful that food was created not only to re-energise, but to be enjoyed! We can (sometimes) obsess over: 1) Asian food 2) Coffee 3) Free stuff
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